History of inspection of Municipality of Tehran organization

History of inspection of Municipality of Tehran organization

In between years of 1361 to 1368:

1. Organizing general inspection department and dispose to complaints in beginning of 1361year and disorganized in the last parts of same year.

2. Organizing an organization called Controlling in the last part of the 1361 year which had a good activities.

In between years of 1368 to 1376

Starting to some economic activities like:

1. Selling accumulations 2.Agreement in partnership projects

Years between 1376year to1380year:

Combined especial control organization with inspection office in every 22 districts in year of 1380

In year of 1381 the name of Especial Control Organization changed to Control Organization and continued to work.

In year of 1382 about 50 employees of inspection offices got separated in organization section’s and remained just 20 of them in the organization.

In same year of 1382 a new course of actions started that contained:

Return of organization’s duties to main duties.

Combine of mayor’s Inspection Office with Inspection Organization

Hiring 50 new employee and adding them to 20 employees.